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SELLING POST [Jun. 22nd, 2011|06:45 pm]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
[Current Music |who says - selena gomez ]

  heyhey, please help me w/ my overwhelming wardrobe!
although i really wonder if there'll be anyone who comes to this blog but still,
its better than nothing :D 

Items below are my personal apparels, all brand new.
i'm really not earning frm these items! just wanna clear away some of my stuff and get back some cash:( 
they're kinda like 'extra' items that i bought on impulse >< 

first-come first-serve basis yea so quick quick! ;)

yes i know my blog is damn damn unknown & i seldom blog so it may seem quite unreliable..
but for assurance,
heres my fb page! if it helps w my credibility... :/


for enquiries

feel free to comment or ask any questions anytime yea!
cheeeeers v^^



item 1:
easy flatforms

available in nude / black , sz 36 & 38 (instock)
$33 meetup / $35 mail / $37 registered
faux leather/antislip soles/comfort and material guaranteed

(photo credits: modparade & poppylist)

item 2:
  Vero moda abstractcheck halter dress - ASOS.com  

tagged smallest size S, fits uk 6-10 (smocked back) 
brand new w tag
$33 meetup/ $35 mail/ $36 registered


 item 3: 
Heart Distressed Knit Top

 available in beige & black
$24  meetup/ $26 mail/ $27 registered
picture of me wearing it!  \/ :)



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sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead [Jun. 20th, 2011|12:22 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |Rolling in the deep - Adele ]

                  holy cow its been soooo loooooooooooooooooooong!

alot alot alot alot has happened since
so much so that i couldnt really digest it myself either.
good or bad, everything happens for a reason
& things just turn out the way it is,
like it or not.

during the absence







"i used to not believe in fate,
but maybe now i do.
somtimes you'll fall for a person you shouldnt fall for,
& have to leave a person you never wanted to leave.."

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i believe you don't know what you've got until you have to say goodbye. [Jan. 16th, 2011|07:32 pm]
[Current Location |Singapore, Singapore]
[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |if i ain't got you - Alicia Keyse ]

3 sundays have passed since 2011.
for this week,

  • Overslept & missed tutorial & lecture - did not know if i passed my catering test or not. :( 
  • went to take MC for missing class. :( 
  • doctor insisted i go for a blood test when i lied about a headache. he said it might be a tumour. O.O
  • headache is a baaaaad choice for lying to the doctor.
  • cassandra (long-lost pri.skl close friend) found me on fb. :))) 
  • went down to Orchard with parents in search of a branded bag for mommy.
  • daddy got himself a GUCCI belt & mommy bought her very first branded bag.  ^_^ 
  • failed to trot around Orchard with the L-sized GUCCI carrier. :( 
  • caught "the tourist" - funny in a funny way. i liked the ending. nothing i had expected it to be:) 
  • did not hand in my valentino's assignment for fashion class. :( still undone.
  • checked through final report for bizrev project. many errors. >: ( luckily i checked it through.
  • went to look for wuman's b'day present. grey cardi from uniqlo. although i thought the red jacket suits wuman more, but, the other "shareholders" felt that the cardi is a better choice.
  • joy didn't want to go to wuman's 21st b'day party at the last minute. she's very stubborn.
  • joy's attendance to the party was decided by scissorspaperstone against mj, vena, yanling & me.
  • joy lost.
  • attended the party.
  • meryl commented alot about the grey cardi. bad comments :( 
  • daddy striked 4D - Starter's prize, again. :) grats.
  • had Ajisen with mommy.
  • Burlesque-ed after Ajisen. Amazing show. Damn, Christina Aguilera looked gorgeous in that show.
  • have not started on marketing individual assignment yet. Due's tomorrow. GG
  • looked into a full length mirror today &  realised how much weight i've put on.
  • set my heart on going Japan to work after graduation. pretty bleak.
  • piano lesson in another hour's time. good luck to me.

                  the GUCCI mommy bought.
& the purple reminded me of my favourite yam paste. D:

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move, moving, moved [Jan. 13th, 2011|09:09 pm]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
[Current Music |我們的紀念日 - 范瑋琪]

when everything first happened, i didnt knew it was that bad.
when situation worsen, i didnt knew it would be this long.
i just kept thinking, "it will be okay, things will be fine, everything will turn out alright.."
& i was even more certain after the award ceremony when the 3 went to receive the award meant for the 5.
"Always keep the faith" becomes a part of my life
No matter what happens, " keep the faith faith faith faith faith" 
thats what i'll be repeating through my mind like an old spoiled casette tape

as time goes on & on & on...
despite what i've heard
i remained unmoved.
never wavered.

but today, after all the dramas & happenings
the fog that has always been seperating me from them seems to cleared up little by little
& now, it all seems rather clear to me.
what i see, what i am seeing now,
is 2 difference paths
2 different directions
2 different skies

& i realised,
my hopes for the 5 together again as 1 seems to move closer to the edge of the cliff now.
very unlikely.
yet, not impossible.
this time, i will not be like a stubborn little girl who just blindly believes that the 5 will be back soon.
i'm gonna move on.
reality hurts.
damn fucking bad.
but this is what i see, & what i hear from both parties.

its hard, its so hard
& i am sure every single cassie out there is not having any better time than me
but i'm not gonna live like that anymore.

as much as how much i would hate to acknowledge the fact that TVXQ is now a duo
I'm gonna accept it.
at least for now.
strong enough to accept the reality in front of me.

so now, i'm officially announcing,
me, has 2 favourites.

yet i am glad, that they're doing what they believe is right.
& i'll always support them.
like i'd always did
right from the start, till the end
be it in 2 groups or 1
there'll always & only be the 5 of 'em.
not gonna love any of 'em more, not gonna love any of 'em less
not gonna take any sides
at least not among these 2 groups.
yea, now i'm calling them 2 groups...

The past will 5ever be most precious, unforgettable & irreplaceable.
cause everything's too miraculous.
i'll never let go of that feeling.
i promise.
i hate making promises cause i've never had the confidence to fufill it.
but i wanna make this promise.
its a promise i wanna make, & keep.
just like keeping the faith.
though now i'm gonna move on with TVXQ & JYJ
does not mean that i'll stop keeping the faith.

Always keep the faith

                                       - QianHui                        

ps: next post will be a cheerful one, promise ;) 
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still counting on, still holding on, still keeping it, still believing it.. [Jan. 5th, 2011|10:47 pm]
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]
[Current Music |Keep your head down - 東方神起(duo) ]


 i know its a little late.
its been popping out at the little corner of my fb page but i've not clicked on it till just now.
its meant for the 7th anniversary of TVXQ
by a Singaporean cassie.
That cassie had said everything that all the cassies had felt throughout these times.
so i feel that theres a need for me to share this with as many people as possible.
here it goes :) 

Hello world, I hope you're listening.
Forgive me if I’m young or speaking out of turn,
But there’s someone that I’ve been missing
And I think that they could be the better half of me.
They’re out there, trying to make it right,

But I’m tired of justifying so I say to you,

The fight for you is all I’ve ever known,
So be strong.

No one told us that one day we’d fall so hard for you, that years later we’d still be here.
No one told us we’d end up thinking about you, so often a smile played upon our lips.
No one told us you’d teach us to be strong, to love, and to fight back.
No one told us you’d make us proud the way you do.
No one told us we would become this selfish, caring for words only we wanted to hear.
No one told us we would become a burden to you because we forget you’re still human.
No one told us that a little part of us would die everytime you faked a smile.
No one told us you could set our hearts on fire the way you do.

No one told us this journey was going to be so hard and that we’d fight so fiercely to protect you.
No one told us some of our friends would leave because they couldn’t take the pain
(although we were there to tell them you were going through so much more.)
No one told us we’d have to go through all these rollercoaster rides of emotions day in and day out just for you.
No one told us it’d be worth it, but it was.
No one told us all this would happen, that we’d feel this way for five people we might never get to meet.
But we know we’d relive all this pain for you even if we were born again, because we’d rather choose pain than to have never met you.

They call us obsessed, crazy, delusional.
But why does it hurt so much more when they call you outdated, too far gone, an old memory?
Trying to make them understand is the hardest thing to do when words don’t come close.
You’re not just someone we look up to with love and respect and admiration; it’s the fact that you took us in and allowed yourself to be our refuge through your music that made a difference, the fact that somehow we feel indebted towards you for changing something in us, the fact that this pride we have for you will probably never end.
Words like 5-1=0, that’s a lie. You will never fall to nothing, even if you’ve to stand alone. Even if the stage looks empty, we’ll hold the spaces for you. Even if you don’t come back as 5, no one is going to stop us from being your red ocean.
We’ve everything to lose but if we don’t fight for it, we’ll never know what it’ll feel like to finally win.

You are DongBangShinKi and we are your Cassiopeia ♥

It’s been seven years and all these seven years,

You made us feel like flying on days we couldn’t stand up.
You made us stronger individuals and taught us how music could remedy pain.
You made us realize how far dreams could take us without losing sight of the important little things.
Even though I was only there for you slightly less than half of those seven years, I feel as though you’re a part of who I am. Your dedication overcame criticism, hardships and language barriers and it gave me reason to believe that risks are meant to be taken, and dreams are meant to be lived. Your music doesn’t just touch the heart; it comforts it and opens it up to real life. It allowed me to find tiny hidden doors and explore perceptions.
But the one little thing that convinced me to stay put is that invisible string that holds you together; that even with words unspoken, separate journeys don’t equivalate to broken ties, that everything you’ve been through as five will not dissolve so simply. That same little thing made me fall for you.

I’m a Cassie because there’s nothing else I’d rather be.
Posted by dreammssxxJJ at Tuesday, December 28, 2010
cred: DBSKnights

our existance is because of your presence

Always keep the faith ♥

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